And while most people easily fall in love with their neighborhood dogs, some breeds may not be able to enjoy that kind of affection and appreciation.

Pit bulls, staffies, or Rottweilers, might not be that popular amongst neighbors. Through the years, these dogs have been unfairly treated because of a biased and unjustified narrative that they are rabid and violent.

In Queensland, a staffie owner took matters into her own hands.
On their fence stood Tubs. Tubs is a blue Staffordshire bull terrier who loves to hang out and meet other people. The dog would usually prop herself up against the fence and eagerly watch passersby.

You can see her excitement in the videos her owners posted. Tub’s tail wags and swipes faster than a windshield wiper going through a storm.

Tubs is just so excited to meet other people and her owner makes sure that she does.
Right beside their gate, there’s a sign in colorful letters saying “Tubs is friendly. She would love a gentle pat.” And her owners know that anyone would want to pat a dog as adorable and gentle as her.

In a series of videos they posted on TikTok, Tubs got to meet different people.

First, a boy on a bike stopped by just to give the staffie some well-deserved loving.

A pair of dudes also passed by but not before giving Tubs some attention. The boy on a bike that previously visited Tubs also brought his friends over. It only goes to show that dogs, even notorious breeds, can be amazing friends.

Thanks to the sign, people are much more willing to give staffies a shot.
“Darn I would be hangin for quite a while if I happen to pass by Tubs. Too wholesome!” One commenter said and ended their comment with a heart-eyes and hug emoji.

“I would literally start living in front of your fence just to pet her all day,” said another, echoing the sentiments of other viewers that said they won’t give Tubs just a pat.

“Not me literally about to book a flight to Australia just so I can walk by the fence and pet Tubs,” said another.

Tubs has since become an ambassador for the breed.

She has over 55,000 followers on Facebook, 86,000 followers on Instagram, and a whopping 800,000 followers on her TikTok account.

Hopefully, with her social media presence and the wholesome videos she is in, Tubs can help people believe that they are not as violent as people think they are.

The Staffordshire bull terrier comes from a long line of bulldogs.
Their history of being bred for pit fighting caused people to assume that these dogs are temperamental, rabid, and dangerous.

However, a sweet and loving Staffordshire can come from responsible breeders and loving fur parents. They are particularly family-oriented and are considered good “doggie nannies”. To help this breed acclimatize, they should be socialized with other dogs from a young age.

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