Rose, who once lived a life of joy and luxury in her family mansion, was now living on the street, thanks to the greed of her three sons. But soon, she would get a phone call that would end her misery…

To everyone who passed by the Roy Mansion, the exquisite six-bedroom house was nothing short of a dream.

On the outside, people posed in front of its majestic old gates and clicked pictures to flaunt on social media. But on the inside was a heartbreaking story of love, loss, and greed.

Love, because it was the mansion that a rich young man had built for the love of his life almost four decades ago and raised a family of three boys and a girl with her…

Loss, because it was within those walls that the fairytale love story came to an abrupt end when the man succumbed to an illness, breathing his last in the arms of the woman he loved…

And greed, because the three sons that were once the center of their parents’ universe had manipulated and kicked their old widowed mother out because she refused to sell the house.

Rose was that 63-year-old widow who had lost everything – the only man she ever loved, the only home she ever knew, and the love of her three stubborn sons, Don, David, and Daniel.

While the three young men patted their own backs for finally selling that old relic of a house and buying three spectacular modern houses for themselves with their share of the money, they had conveniently cut out their elderly mother from the picture.

Their sister Debbie got her share, too. But she was away in some disease-ridden corner of the earth, trying to come up with a cure for some new illness nobody had heard of.

“Who cares? Debbie could donate her share to some worthless charity for all I care!” Don said on a conference call with his brothers.

“Yeah! And mom will be alright, too. It’s not like she’s going to beg on the streets. The woman is smarter than that!” David chuckled.

“It had to be done, brothers! Mom was going to make us wait for an eternity to get our share…” Daniel, the eldest, had the last word.

Meanwhile, Rose was now in the sketchy part of the city, just another sad, desperate face in the line of homeless people outside the infamous park.

She had left the mansion with almost nothing, barring Raymond’s oldest car. She often slept in the backseat, balling up her tall frame to fit in the narrow space.

“Oh, Raymond!” Rose sighed, looking up through the car window to the heavens. “This is what it all has come to! I’m glad you’re not here to see this; it would break your sweet old heart. Wait for me, Ray. I’ll be joining you soon, wherever you are, honey…until then, I’ll rest…”

Amidst all the unbearable grief and pain, there was indeed a small part of her that saw relief in giving up.

After all, Rose had never really had a moment of respite ever since Raymond had died, leaving her to fend for four children, all under the age of ten.

It had been a long, arduous journey bringing up the kids. But it had also been a fulfilling one. After Raymond’s death, Rose worked two jobs for several years, saving every penny she could for their education and future.

And it paid off in the sense that all four of them turned out to be successful in their own fields.

“They scammed you, and now they’ll know what that feels like!” Debbie said and brought out a small gift case to her mother.
But their professional accomplishments no longer impressed Rose because she had now seen the harsh truth: Her sons had failed at being good human beings.

They had betrayed the woman who single-handedly raised them and left her with a laughable amount of change, not enough to even buy an old trailer.

Days turned into weeks until it had almost been a month into Rose’s life on the street. She didn’t complain once – because even on the street, her kindness and sense of humor had managed to make her some incredible friends.

Still, there were only two people she kept thinking of: her husband Raymond and her daughter Debbie.

Debbie had left home at the tender age of 18, hoping to earn money for the family. Life surrounded her with helpful people who noticed her potential, and several years later, she became a highly respected medical researcher.

“I’m so proud of our girl, Raymond! I worry for her. Watch over her for me, will you? Find a way to tell her I’m alright, and I love her,” Rose told her husband’s soul, bursting into tears.

Little did the elderly woman know that just one week later, she would be standing face to face with her daughter, hugging her like they had never parted.

At first, she didn’t recognize the elegant woman in the classy pantsuit getting out of the chic black car that had pulled up in the abandoned parking lot.

But when the woman’s eyes landed on Rose, the childlike joy on that beautiful young face was unmistakable.

“Debbie! Darling! Am I dreaming?” Rose was dizzy with emotion as her daughter hugged her tight.

“Mom, I’m here now. It’s all going to be okay,” Debbie sobbed for her mother, who looked like a frail shadow of what she used to be.

It turned out that a kind old neighbor had recently called Debbie in the middle of the night and told her about what her brothers had done to their mom.

“He also said he had seen you eating leftovers in the backseat of dad’s old red car.”

“My heart sank, and I jumped onto the next plane to find you and meet you,” Debbie cried, holding her mother.

That afternoon, Debbie and Rose sat in a hotel room and spoke for hours. After reminiscing the good old days, Debbie cleared her throat. It was time to reveal the big news to mother.

“Mom, what Don, David, and Daniel have done to you is unforgivable. And as their eldest sister, I decided to put them in their place!” Debbie sounded intent and confident.

Debbie insisted on taking Rose to “a special place.” An hour-long drive later, the mother and daughter were standing in front of the old mansion, admiring its beauty.

“Too bad it’s sold, sweetheart,” Rose said, wiping her tears.

“I know. Because I bought it!” Debbie said calmly.

Rose couldn’t believe her ears.

She listened as her kind daughter explained how she spent all her savings on buying back the house without revealing to her brothers who she was.

“They scammed you, and now they’ll know what that feels like!” Debbie said and brought out a small gift case to her mother.

When Rose opened the box, she didn’t expect to see the keys to the old house. “It even has the same old keychain on it, look!”

A week of paperwork later, Rose finally got a call from her daughter’s lawyer. “You are now the sole owner of this mansion, and nobody can cut you out of it anymore. This beautiful $1M mansion is now yours, Ms. Rose.”

Rose stood still, holding the phone to her ear long after the call was over. She felt a sense of overwhelm and relief and finally burst into tears.

As for Debbie, there was one last thing she wanted to do.

She spoke to her lawyer and manipulated all three brothers into selling their new independent houses, leaving them in a financial lurch and giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Meanwhile, Debbie and her mother were out enjoying little pleasures like drifting dandelions and bubblegum ice cream.

Rose had taught Debbie to be a kind human being, and now, it was her turn to teach her mother to live for herself.

The doting daughter arranged lunch dates, spa days, and pre-birthday photoshoots for her beautiful mother; right until the day she peacefully died in her arms.

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