With her powerful vocal stylings and the sincerity with which she sings every verse, Kate Smith was the perfect performer to deliver a sensational and original rendition of the Irving Berlin classic.

Not only was her singing ability on full display, but she was backed by a full band, with the instrumentals serving as a fitting background to her incredible singing abilities.

Kate Smith’s ‘God Bless America’ will give you goosebumps

The performance came in the middle of the film ‘In the Army,’ a 1943 musical starring Irving Berlin and a young Ronald Reagan. The wartime film was intended to inspire the troops.

With her rendition of the iconic ‘God Bless America,’ Kate Smith rallied not only the troops but people on the home front as well. Her singing continues to inspire Americans young and old to this day.

It was clear during the film that her performance touched many lives. A montage of scenes shows each person in the film stopping and listening to her over the radio.

For fans of the wartime musical or anyone who wants to hear ‘God Bless America’ performed as it was always intended to be, there is no version better than Kate Smith’s version of the iconic song.

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