Can you imagine being put up for adoption and receiving rejection? How about being rejected 20 times over?

This might seem too impossible, and people would seem so heartless, but it actually happened.

One baby girl was put up for adoption, but she was rejected by not only one, but 20 different families.
Little Alba, only 13 days old at the time, has Down syndrome. She needed a family to take care of her, so she was put up for adoption.

The baby is adorable, but sadly, no one accepted her. At first, she was rejected a few times, but eventually, it was clear that a lot of families were not ready to welcome her on their own.

It was heartbreaking, but it was the only way for little Alba to meet the person she was supposed to call her forever family.
Luc Trapanese, 41 years old, hails from Italy. He is definitely a man who wants to have a family of his own. He cared deeply and was longing to have his own children one day.

However, he and his partner separated and he thought that having a child of his own will not happen anymore since he is now single. He and his partner used to dream of adopting a disabled child, but this dream might not come true anymore.

Everything changed in 2017 when single parents were allowed to adopt children.
The requirement for him was to adopt a child with “problems” which were further clarified as disabilities, behavioral issues, or an illness. What everyone did not know was that Luc was looking for this kind of child and he was the perfect person to adopt.

Within a year, Luc crossed paths with Alba and he gladly adopted the 13-year-old baby girl. He was more than happy to welcome her into his life.

To some, Luc was Alba’s last hope but to Luc, Alba was the person he has been waiting for.
“I knew I was ready to be her dad,” he shared.

The man took baby Alba home and cared for her. She was strong with a matching personality, too. Luc loved her to bits!

The two of them loved spending time together, especially having meaningful walks in the park and simply being with each other every day. Luc truly found happiness in being a father to a very special little girl who lit up his life.

Children with disabilities have a special place in Luc’s heart.

When he was younger, his best friend died from cancer and he spent every day with him until he passed. He also was a long-time volunteer at his church to help in taking care of children with disabilities and illnesses.

Later on, Luc and his partner started a charity to help kids with disabilities. Luc is definitely the best person to take care of someone like little Alba and they are meant to be each other’s family.

Everything that has happened in Luc’s life led him to Alba.

He shared:

“Alba completely revolutionized my life. She brought me happiness and a sense of fulfillment.”

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