The unnamed 10-year-old Woodbridge girl was walking a dog through the Prince William County neighborhood at a little before 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon when she found herself in a nightmare scenario. While on the 1800 block of Heather Glen Court, as people were arriving home from work, the child was approached by a stranger.

In broad daylight, the man grabbed the girl by the arm, attempting to abduct her. Luckily, the child wasn’t alone, and the horror that had begun to unfold was quickly ended. According to Prince William County police, the child’s faithful companion decided to step in and defend her.

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Before the would-be abductor could make off with the child, the dog sprung into action, lunging at the girl’s attacker, and biting him hard, causing him to release the child from his grasp and allowing her to escape. The sudden attack forced the suspect to run away, fleeing from the scene on foot.

The police were quickly called, and authorities searched the area with a police K-9, but the perpetrator wasn’t found. A description was released by police, in hopes that the public could help apprehend him. Anyone with information that could aid detectives in their investigation was urged to call the Prince William County Police Department.

The suspect was described as a man in his late teens or early 20s, between 5 feet 3 inches and 5 feet 6 inches tall, weighing about 145 pounds with short dark hair and a goatee, according to Fox 5. In a Facebook post about the incident from the Prince William County Police Department (PWCPD), they added that the perp was Hispanic and, “Last seen wearing a white striped shirt and light-colored long pants.”

The victim, who was not named by police to protect her privacy, was not physically harmed, thanks to the dog. Although authorities didn’t release a description of the animal, a Facebook user named TJ Griffin commented on the PWCPD’s post to “clear up some things” and give answers to questions many were asking.

According to TJ, the girl in the story is his niece and the dog is his female Black coat German Shepard Retriever mix, who his niece named Rosey after he adopted the pup from Forever Home, a rescue foundation in Chantilly, Virginia. It seems they saved Rosey, and in return, Rosey saved them.

TJ included a photo of Rosey with his comment, adding that she was only “a little over a year old” when the incident occurred. “She is very protective, playful and loves kids and the snow,” TJ said of his beloved dog. “I gave her all the meaty treats and a full dog spa treatment for her bravery,” he added.

TJ thanked everyone for “all the love” and “good vibes” that were sent his niece and Rosey’s way by other concerned commenters who were alarmed by the incident. But, of course, the biggest thanks of all belongs to Rosey herself. After all, a little girl is sleeping safely in her bed tonight, thanks to this “good girl.”

Nevertheless, this story should serve as a warning to others. Having your child snatched by a stranger is a parent’s worst nightmare. Making matters worse, this attempted abduction happened in the middle of the day, during a time when the neighborhood was busy with parents returning from work and children headed home from school.

Most would feel safe in their own neighborhood during such a busy part of the day, thinking a kidnapper wouldn’t strike with so many eyes all around them. This one did. But, luckily, someone did have their eye on this little girl — and it happened to be a dog who was more than willing to sink her teeth into the little girl’s attacker.

Dogs aren’t only man’s best friend, but many times, they are also a person’s greatest protector. Although they are usually attentive, caring, playful, and pleasant, they are also incessantly loyal and can be just as fiercely protective of those they love. Sometimes, our heroes don’t wear capes and our angels don’t have wings. They have fur and walk on all fours.

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