Weddings are—in most cases—filled with love, happiness, and celebration.

But they also tend to attract little surprises.

So you never know quite what will happen once the big day comes and you’re on the spot…

Ajay Munot, a tycoon hailing from India, made the choice to spend his $11 million on an interesting gift for his daughter’s wedding.

Back in 2017, Munot decided to use that money to build 90 homes for the homeless instead of purchasing something like a luxury car or lavish home for the newlyweds in his family.

”In September last year, while planning my daughter’s wedding, I suddenly felt I should do something for the less privileged. We had made all the bookings for the wedding, but somewhere I felt I wanted the less fortunate to be a part of this special celebration,” Munot told India Today.

While he had put aside the sum for his daughter’s wedding, none of the wheat and cloth wholesaler’s budget went towards the actual celebration.

The couple did receive a new home, and they were more than agreeable with Munot’s choice to help the homeless with his money.

”I surveyed and selected 90 such families. I had only two conditions-since I am a Jain (an ancient Indian religion), I only wanted beneficiaries who do not eat meat; secondly, they should not drink alcohol. The homes we built are 12 feet by 20 feet and have a room and a kitchen. After the wedding, I got my daughter Shreya to hand over the house keys to these people and take their blessings.”

We think that Munot’s choice to build these homes is amazing–not every person with wealth is so generous with their finances!

What do you think of Munot’s choice to spend his money on shelter for the homeless instead of a lavish wedding for his daughter?

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