Young men and women headed off to college are about to have a small taste of the adult life.

There are a lot of expenses on top of paying for accommodations, which in itself can burn a hole in your wallet. Don’t forget food, clothes, school needs, and many other factors.

So this student from Jacksonville, Florida came up with a brilliant idea. His name is Bradley, and this young man built himself a stunning tiny house on wheels.

That’s a great way to start on the future.

Bradley’s home is around 27 x 8.5ft (8.3 x 2.5m) in size.
It is self-contained with the exterior finished with a long-lasting vinyl. The intention is to make it look like a Florida beach bungalow. The porch is a throwback to southern style homes.

Bradley gets to sit outside and enjoy the stunning views surrounding his place (minus the alligators).

It’s truly a welcoming home with an open and spacious design. There are no obstructions, meaning you can see from end to end with ease.

There’s a big window at the end and that allows his home to give off that feeling of a lot of space. Certainly bigger than you’d think.

Bradley calls his home Rolling Quarters. With his home on wheels, and being able to save lots of money while learning the ethics of building a home, it’s a clever play on words.

And he won’t be accumulating debt.
Bradley built his kitchen on the larger side. It’s got an 8-foot-long counter which provides a lot of space for preparing food.

He’s got an electric hot plate stored under the bench, and it’s what he uses for cooking. There’s a large kitchen sink which makes it easier to wash dishes.

A comfy lounge with storage space built in to the sofa and a small table looking out the window serves as his dining area.

Bradley’s bathroom has a full sized shower. A Natures Head composting toilet makes things easier for this student as he can go anytime minus the hassle of hooking up water.

His home’s sleeping loft looks very cozy. An old locker gives him more storage space, though they are empty and still waiting to be used.

It’s a combination of Bradley’s minimalism all while being efficient with storage space found in all the right spots.

Head towards the rear of the house and you’ll find a small office or work-space which Bradley utilizes for his studies.

He is a college student after all, so separating work from play was very important. Plus he also needs to relax from time to time.

Bradley’s amazing build was done with a budget of $15,000. And to think his family thought he was joking when he came home and said he was building one.

In an interview with Living Big in a Tiny House, he explained:

“Right out of high school I paid a year’s worth of rent and decided that wasn’t for me. So I moved back home and saved up some money to pay for it all cash and build it.”

He went against society’s practice of debts, saving on rent in a single year with this DIY home. It’s an investment too, since it can serve as a project if he wishes to expand his home.

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