He begins by introducing the rapt audience to Mozart. He hilariously refers to the famous composer as Hans Christian Mozart, who only existed as a bust from the torso up.

The crowd cannot help but roar with laughter when he reveals the grand piano he’s about to play. He mistakenly believes it only has one black key until he opens the lid.

He claims he has something important to tell the audience, but he cannot remember. Instead, he plays a Viennese waltz which turns into Chopin. At last, he recalls what he wants to show the crowd.

He describes an opera written by Mozart. Borge sets the scene and then admits he has no idea what the piece is about. Neither, it seems, does anyone else except the composer himself.

The comedian proceeds to reenact the entire opera. He plays the piano parts and vocalizes the parts of the soprano singer, the trumpets, and the bass of the male lead.

The audience is left laughing in their seats. Somehow, they manage to stand in order to give Victor Borge the ovation he has earned. What a talented musician and comedian!

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