Kelly Clarkson’s Meaning of Life Tour started at the end of January, and since then, attendance at her concerts has steadily increased.

Fans believed there would be little more to surprise them after her moving rendition of “Piece by Piece” and her rendition of Miranda Lambert’s song “Tin Man,” but they were mistaken.

Kelly invited some surprise friends up on stage to sing a duet at the Kansas City performance. Two officers from the Kansas Highway Patrol entered the stage while fully attired. They started running the show right away. The fans were ecstatic when the two uniformed men ascended the stage and sang the well-known song “Stand By Me.”

Kelly was singing harmonies to their song while standing in the background. One of the cops appeared to be destined for a singing career because he was such a natural on stage.

By the middle of the song, everyone in the crowd was dancing and singing along. Kelly sipped some wine and encouraged the two men.

A police officer was requested to share his love tale with his wife. It was really similar to a concert. His wife initially noticed him as he was performing “Earth, Wind, and Fire” at a karaoke club. Kelly acknowledged that he had a natural flair for singing, so it was understandable why his wife had simply caught sight of him.

Kelly continued by telling the officer how natural he was on stage. The purpose of allowing the police sing was to bring people together because music has a way of uniting those who might otherwise feel alienated.

Kelly believed that although it is untrue, police officers are frequently viewed as being in the neighborhood on their own. The audience was ecstatic with the cops’ performance. The audience agreed that although we all need police, these two might easily switch to singing as a second career.

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