Being in a relationship has many perks. So many of us feel the need to be with someone in order to not be lonely. But, that is not the case for every relationship. Some people are just not meant to be together. Some brave souls shared their reasons why they much prefer the single life.

  1. I can wear what I want!
    One person is grateful the single life because now they do not have to put in as much effort with their appearance on her off-days. “I don’t have to worry about what I look like or what I’m wearing while I’m just chilling on my days off. Hair up in a messy bun, no makeup, no pants, no problem,” said © not-a-real_username / Reddit.
  2. More me-time
    © photon3on / Reddit is happy that they can do what they want without being told “no”. “I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” they wrote. “If I want to stay up late, I can, if I want to buy something, I can, and if I want to watch a movie, I can. Furthermore, if I feel like listening to music, I can, and if I feel like reorganizing or redecorating my apartment, I can. I can choose how I use my time, I can choose how I spend my money, and I can choose how I save my money. Do I feel lonely? I’ll admit it, sometimes I do. But I have good friends. If I feel like hanging out with my friends, if someone wants to hang out with me, I can. If I don’t feel like going out, I can stay home.“
  3. Single life means I can do what I want!
    This person, © DomLite / Reddit, is happy that they ca finally do what what they wnt on television without it turning intoan argument over preferences. “I get to do what I like and don’t have to argue over what we’re all in the mood for, or who gets to choose, or “I don’t like horror movies, let’s watch a rom-com!” Do you want to grab a bite to eat? I go get what sounds good to me and don’t waste an hour debating what sounds good to you but not to me, then me but not you.

“Finally,” © DomLite / Reddit added. “We agree on something none of us particularly likes but that we can both live with when all I want is sushi. Want to sleep until noon on my day off, then get up and spend the afternoon playing video games? Nobody can bully me for it or argue that I’m not paying attention to them because it’s my decision. I’m having a bad day and don’t feel like speaking or expressing myself? Since we’re dating, I don’t have to speak to someone or feel obligated to “open up” to them.”

4.It’s the single life for me
This person has been single for 10 years. They prefer the independence and control over their assets. © Nope_Nope_Nope_0 / Reddit says: “For the past ten years, I’ve been single. All of my money belongs to me. I have complete control of my time. My entire focus is directed in the direction I want. I simply try to find happiness in my life.”

  1. It’s unconditional appreciation, or the single life
    Another Reddit user says they want to be appreciated. If they can’t have that, they would rather enjoy the single life. “I’d rather be single than be with someone who doesn’t appreciate my love and affection,” says u/sinderella666x0x.
  2. No more walking on eggshells
    This person no longer fears walking in their front door. “I never want to turn the key in the door and have to worry about what is going [on] on the other side again,” said u/UnfeelingSelfishGirl. “I don’t want to have to manage another’s emotions or walk on eggshells. So, now I love the peace that my space is mine alone. I also hate the obligations that tend to come with relationships.”
  3. No more mess!
    The single life for this person means a clean home. And a lean home is a happy home for many people. “My apartment is clean and neat and most importantly, 95% empty,” said u/TheCrimsonChariot
  4. Single life means sleeping with limbs spread out wide!
    This person is reveling in the fact that they have the bed to themselves. “If I like, I can sleep in the middle of the bed with the fan on. I can also leave something on the table for two weeks and it will still be there when I return,” said © GoatSculpture / Reddit. Then, another user echoed that sentiment. “I get to starfish on my bed and take up as much space as I want. It’s heaven,” said u/cherryspooncity.
  5. No more justifying!
    This person says they are just happy they can take their time getting home from work. “God, I remember rushing home every day because if I was even 5 minutes late getting in the door, I would have to explain myself. Then I would walk in perfectly on time and he’d still be in a horrible mood. Now I can spend the whole day driving around doing absolutely nothing and I don’t have to explain it to anybody and going home is actually an enjoyable thought,” said © Seducedbyfish / Reddit.
  1. The single life is less distracting
    This person thinks that living single life is much less distracting. they were finally able to finish their studies without having to maintain a relationship. u/kylo_drew said, “Honestly, being single allowed me to put more focus on finishing my undergrad degree, which I just did this last week!”

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