One Texas grandma works hard to beat cancer to make it to her grandchild’s wedding, and she thanks the Lord that she is now in remission.

Tennie Burkett Ivy is 97 years old and from Houston, Texas. She walks a mile every day and is in great health. So, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer before her final grandchild’s wedding, it was a tough pill to swallow.

But that did not hold Tennie back! She started her treatment right away, and she made sure that she would be there to celebrate her grandson’s marriage. She had already been to her three other grandkid’s weddings, and she wasn’t about to miss this one! And she thinks that determination is what helped her beat her cancer.

Texas Grandma Beats Breast Cancer To Attend Grandson’s Wedding
“I had to go to that wedding,” Tennie explained. “I had been to all three and it was in Greenville, South Carolina, and I said I’ve got to get well for that. And I was never sick. No problems.”

It was back in November 2020 when Tennie was diagnosed with breast cancer, and this October, she is officially in remission!

“I give credit to the doctors, nurses, and the Lord,” she said.

Tennie was able to celebrate and dance with her family at her grandson’s wedding, and it is a memory that she will always cherish. She is also back to walking a mile a day! And Tennie hopes that her story can remind others that no matter your age, you’re never too old to fight cancer.

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