A coal miner’s daughter forbids him from attending her graduation party because she thinks he’s ‘dirty.’ He still attends and addresses her on the mic, revealing something that makes her cry and regret everything she told him.

“Okay, I’ll call you later…dad’s come,” 18-year-old Sabrina hung up on her friend as soon as she heard her dad Pete, a coal miner, park his van in the garage.

She kept switching channels on the TV, trying to escape Pete’s attention. She was hoping he wouldn’t ask her about her upcoming graduation that was scheduled in two days.

Sabrina didn’t want Pete to attend because she was ashamed of his appearance. She feared her dad would amass negative attention for looking ‘dirty’ and smelling of coal and sweat..

“Hey, sweetheart! Look what I got for you,” Pete said as he entered, sounding happy.

Sabrina was surprised but held herself back. Not that she didn’t like surprises, but she hated seeing her dad’s blackened face and hands. She never allowed him to touch any of her things and dirty them.

Pete understood Sabrina well. He’d been doing it for several years, ever since she became motherless. So he gave Sabrina her space and respected her boundaries, leaving the two packages on the table instead, saying, “Sweetheart, I hope you love them!”

Once Sabrina saw her dad was out of sight, she quickly unwrapped the box and found a gorgeous dress inside. She loved it and started blushing. Then she opened the other box and saw an expensive suit in it.

“Thanks for the dress, dad. But for whom is this suit?”

“It’s for me, honey! I have to look amazing…it’s your graduation, after all!”

Do not be ashamed of those who devoted their lives to you.
Sabrina pursed her lips in frustration. She threw the box and, in a stern voice, said: “Dad, I don’t want you to come. All my friends and their parents will be attending. I don’t want them to laugh at me after seeing you, alright??”

A grave silence sprawled around Pete as he walked out of the washroom, wiping his face. He was shocked, and Sabrina’s words hit him like a bag of bricks.

“What did you say?”

“Dad, my friends’ fathers are from reputed backgrounds. They are all rich and look like celebrities. I don’t want you standing among them like a…like a mess…dad, I hope you understand. No matter how well you dress, anyone can easily guess you are a coal miner by just looking at your dirty face and hands. I don’t want them to laugh at me. Please don’t come to my graduation.”

Pete was so hurt because he was looking forward to attending the event.

“But thanks for the dress. I love it!” Sabrina went to her room and slammed the door shut to try the dress, leaving behind Pete with more than just heartbreak.

Pete thought Sabrina was too young to understand his love for her. “She’s still a little girl!” he consoled his broken heart and decided to still go to the grad party with a tear-jerking surprise he’d already planned for her.

On the day of the graduation, two days later…

“Darling, shall I at least drop you at your school?” Pete asked Sabrina. She looked so pretty, and he was so proud she was finally graduating.

“Drop me?? No need, dad. My friend Dave is coming to pick me up in his car. I don’t want to spoil my dress riding in your dirty van.”

“Alright! Have a lovely day, sweetie!”

“And dad, don’t come, alright?? I trust you won’t. Bye…see ya!”

Pete waited for Sabrina to leave so that he could get ready fast and attend the event.

“How can I miss such an important day in my daughter’s life? I have to be there!”

Moments later, Pete arrived at the venue and sat in the seating area for the parents. He cheered as students were awarded. He couldn’t wait to see Sabrina get hers.

“Next, we call Miss Sabrina Parker!” the host announced.

Pete ran up to the front with his phone and started filming as Sabrina received her diploma. He was so happy, but Sabrina was shocked when she saw her dad.

“Congrats, darling!” Pete kept shouting from below the podium. “I’m so proud of you!”

But Sabrina didn’t smile or react. Instead, she groaned and joined her friends. She couldn’t wait for the ceremony to be over so she could fume at her dad for coming.

Suddenly, she heard the host say, “Mr. Parker, can we please have you on the stage.”

Sabrina was stunned and didn’t understand what was going on as she saw Pete walk over to the podium.

“Why is he calling my dad to the stage? Oh no…what’s going on?”

Pete happily walked to the stage and took the mic.

“Thanks, Mr. Lauren! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!” Pete began. “Can we have the slideshow, please?!”

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