This is a unique story of a grandmom who gave birth to her granddaughter via surrogacy.

The Utah grandmother gave birth to baby Hannah on November 2, 2022.

According to People Magazine, Nancy is a doting mother to her son Jeff Hauck who was having problems expanding their family as his wife Cambria went through a life-saving hysterectomy after the birth of her second set of twins.

Jeff and Cambria are already parents to two sets of twins – twin girls, Vera and Ayva, and twin boys, Diesel and Luca.

After the birth of their twin boys, Cambria suffered from hemorrhaging, and doctors decided to perform a hysterectomy.

“That was a hard choice for us,” 30-year-old Cambria told People. “And we both decided that we would just move forward in faith. At some point, we would know what we’re supposed to do.”

So, when they decided to have a fifth child, Nancy came to their rescue and offered to be their surrogate.

“About a month and a half later, Nancy first brought up the idea of being the couple’s surrogate — which nobody, including Nancy, thought would actually be possible due to her age,” wrote People.

Speaking to the magazine, the 56-year-old mom said she made the offer because she wanted her son to be happy and content in his life.

Nancy’s husband, Jason, also said that he was happy with her decision.

“I was really touched by her offer to do that. I thought it was a very selfless thing. But I didn’t think it would be an option.”

So after some discussion, when the whole family agreed to go with Nancy’s offer, they consulted an OB-GYN who gave them a green signal and told Nancy she was fit for the procedure.

“Dr. Russell Foulk — who supervised and implanted the embryos that resulted in both of Cambria’s pregnancies, and did the same for her mother-in-law — explains that Nancy “was in perimenopause, which means the ovary is still making hormones.’”

Speaking to the publication, OB-GYN, Dr. Russell said that although it’s unusual for a mother to carry her grandchild, it depends on the carrier’s health, and age doesn’t limit the chances of success.

“Really, it goes to health, goes to the state of health of that individual,” he explained. “To have more medical problems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. However, in Nancy’s case, she was ‘healthy and capable.’

After the birth of his daughter, Jeff Hauck said it was a beautiful moment witnessing his mother giving birth to his daughter.

“How many people get to watch their mom give birth?” he said. “It’s really special that it gets to be my daughter.”

Meanwhile, Nancy Hauck who was in labor for almost nine hours said that it was one remarkable and spiritual experience for her.

“Everything went perfectly and we are feeling so blessed to have her in our family,” she said. “It is a mix of deep gratitude and some sadness from the separation.”

When the family was asked who named the baby, Jeff said it was Nancy who chose the name, Hannah for their daughter.

“Six days after the transfer, when she got the positive pregnancy test, my mother woke up in the middle of the night, and she heard a little voice that said, ‘My name is Hannah.’”

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