Photoshop Troll Who Takes Photo Requests Too Literally Strikes Again.

Be cautious about what you wish for. That is the thing that you need to remember when conversing with Photoshop Wizard James Fridman. Now and again, it feels like James is the manifestation of the Monkey’s Paw that causes you to be cautious with how you express your desires.


This Prankmaster entertains us all by taking people’s requests to edit their pictures.

Whatever reality may be, this Prankmaster engages every one by taking individuals’ requests to edit their photos, quite literally. He additionally includes his own remarkable comedic twist.


Here are the artist’s few savage edits, that are absolutely hilarious.

  1. Because how can one possibly be here, if everyone’s outdoors!

2. He surely did not ask for this James!

3. This bear ain’t gonna bear with you!

4. You asked for it to be cool, seems cool enough now.

5. At least the bow tie ain’t crooked anymore.

6. Dead or alive, she asked for a duck!

7. It is a long journey to reach the museum.

8. Believe in yourself, and you can be anything you ask for!

9. How very romantic it is to run holding thorns!

10. Not so awkward anymore.

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