I am a student girl, already in my third year, I was staying in the same house with three students, but for some reason we separated. I don’t know how successful it was, what a miracle it was, but in just two days I found a house for rent with very good conditions and the owner of the house gave it at a normal price.

By the way, this house had just been sold, my landlord bought it and immediately gave it to me for rent, that was another source of income. Yesterday when I was cleaning the floor, I saw that the more I cleaned, the more soil-like stuff came out. I pulled the bed to see what it was, and found out that a little part of the floor was destroyed. I looked inside the hole and found out that, there were pieces of gold in it. I was very happy.

At first I thought to keep it to myself, but then I was thinking that it was not right to keep it because it belonged to the owner. But then I thought who was the owner, one of them was me who was renting the house and the other one was the owner who bought this house. It wasn’t clear to me, so I decided to keep the gold and call the police to find out who the owner was.

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