I have been married for 19 years. We live separately from my husband’s parents, but we always help them. They are very good people, I respect them a lot. They always treat me like their own daughter.

In recent years, my mother-in-law got seriously ill, and now she is taking medication regularly. Of course, I’m in favor of my husband taking care of his parents. You shouldn’t treat such good parents differently, but recently my mother-in-law started asking for a lot of money for medicine and several times. I spoke about it with my husband, but he said that it was okey, if his mother asked for money, it meaned she needed that money. But I started to doubt. I was thinking that she took money from us and gave it to her smaller son who is 27 but has never worked, and i was very annoyed about that fact.

I was thinking how to know the reality. I couldn’t find anything to do until the 20th anniversary of our marriage. On that day we reserved a restaurant and celebrated the day with ours. It was toasting, eating and drinking. After a few hours my father in law said that he wanted to drink for his daughter-in-law, because he was very happy that such a woman was his son’s wife, that such a girl became their family member 20 years ago, that was a great happiness and very good that 20 years ago his son chose me. During this toast, my mother in law took out a gorgeous necklace and said. ” Dear daughter-in-law, dear Mary, this is a gift for you, this is the least we can do for you for this day”. To tell the truth, the tears left my eyes from excitement, and I felt very bad that I had thought something bad about my mother-in-law, it turned out that this kind woman had collected that money to buy me a present.

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