At the age of 40, when I completely gave up hope, I met my second half. My future husband was 50 years old and he was exactly the man I had always imagined, both in appearance and character.

He already had elderly parents and I had to go and get to know them for the first time. The first meeting with my mother-in-law was quite impressive and memorable.

She had waited so many years for his son to get married that now when I appeared in his life, she was very happy. The first time I went to their house, can you imagine, she spread a red carpet in front of the door, she prepared very well, when she saw me, she hugged me and asked, “Where have you been, girl, all of these years? I have already given up hope that anyone will love my lod son”.

I couldn’t hold back my laughter when she talked about her 50-year-old boy like that, we had a good laugh that day and it was obvious how happy the woman was.

As soon as we wanted to go out, she said to me, “Is it okay if you don’t go, let John go and bring your clothes, live here from now on.” We also had a good laugh there. Let everyone’s mother-in-law be this good, she is a golden woman.

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