I always saw my grandparents loving each other. They have been together for almost 50 years, and they always were as an example of real love. When one of ours get married, we always drink a toast and say: love and respect each other as much as George and Susan, you will definitely live happily ever after. For me, my grandparents are an example of an ideal couple.

One day I asked my grandmother what she did that they always lived in peace and harmony. She said, dear, you know it’s easy to be happy and live peacefully. But I know a lot depends on the woman. My grandfather was also listening to our conversation.

Grandma told me to open her clothes, there was a box on top of it, that was the box I always asked grandma what was in it. I went to get it, and my grandfather listened attentively to what my grandmother had to say. We opened the box, there were two pairs of knitted socks and money. I was surprised, I thought grandpa gave it to my grandma, and she collected the money.

Grandma told us that her grandmother always told them that when woman fights with her husband, the wife should not argue, and in order for the anger to pass, it would be right to do something to divert her thoughts. Grandfather asked with smile, have you really been angry because of me all this time, because you only made 2 socks? Grandma answered, “You see that money, don’t you? It’s the money from the socks which I made when I was angry because of you. I sold them and collected the money all these years.” Grandpa couldn’t stand it and started to cry and hugged grandma tightly.

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