This time, when I got a salary, I went and bought a couple of things for my mother. She lives with my brother and her wife, she doesn’t have a phone, I always talk to my brother to find out how she is. I went to their house, but the doors were closed and there was no answer to my calls. My brother was unavailable.

In the end, I knocked the door so hard that the neighbours came out and I learned from them that my brother sold the house and took my mother to a nursing home. I was not aware of anything. When I called, he lied to me, even when I wanted to talk to my mother, every time he told me some reason so that she was not able to answer the phone.

I went and found my mother and took her home. When she saw me, she couldn’t control himself and started crying. I don’t know what to do now, but I can’t forgive my brother for this. I got so angry that I went to my brothers office and told some bad things to him and told him to forget that he has a sister and mother.

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