There is an armchair in my grandfather’s room. Whenever I have to clean the room, he comes and sits on it so that I couldn’t touch it.

Yesterday he was not at home and as soon as I woke up early I decided to clean his room and found out the mistery of that armchair.

I started to clean the room and tried to move the armchair. It hardly moved from its place but when I finally moved it I found out that there was a secret box under the floor. I decided to call my brother and when he came we opened the box.

How shocked were we, when we found out a lot of money in that box. It turned out that grandpa saved a lot of money during his life.

After a few hours he came home, went to his room and called me. He noticed that the armchair was moved and asked me if I touched it.

I was afraid to tell the truth but then I decided to tell him that me and my brother know about his money. After that he smiled and told me not to worry, because he saved all that money for us, and now when we already know about it, he will give it to us.

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