My life is falling apart, my husband is cheating on me with his subordinate at work.

We met at the college, got married during our student years, at first we lived in a rented house.

While my husband built a career, I took care of our children. We overcame all difficulties together and almost never quarreled, however, like now.

When the children grew up, life improved, they bought a house, a car, it seemed to live and be happy, but then I began to notice that my husband began to devote too much time to work.

He leaves early in the morning, returns after midnight and is usually drunk. He always devotes his only day off to his family. And then I recently met an old acquaintance from the institute, who immediately asked me: “You haven’t killed Ann yet?”

At first I didn’t understand why I had to kill Ann.
And it turns out that my husband has been in a relationship for a long time with a girl who studied in the same collage with us.
My husband met her before me, but Ann exchanged him for a more promising son-in-law and quickly flew out to get married.

True, the marriage was short-lived. And now, after so many years, the cunning woman remembered her old love. Moreover, he got her a job in his company.
The fact that they are having an affair is known to the whole office, from the secretary to the cleaner, except me.

He came home, didn’t make a scandal. I can’t look in his eyes, I haven’t spoken for the third day. I think it’s worth destroying a family over a nefarious plot. What should I do?

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