My son is married for 2 years. In short, yesterday was my birthday, we had guests and prepared a little party.

My daughter-in-law was at work. She arrived at 8 pm. We had already had dinner, she came and said that we hadn’t left anything to eat for her.
I felt very bad in front of my guests. They were in shock that she was thinking only about eating.

The guests told me that they were very upset that nothing was left for her to eat, and they could order somethnig for her to eat. I didn’t let them do that, but I was very upset too. Soon the guests went.

After that we were arguing about her behavior, but whatever, it was too late. She told me that she was very tired and very hungry and she hoped to see tasty dishes on the table, and when she saw that we ate everything she got angry. After a few minutes, she said sorry to me, but I was already very upset and the guest were shocked and would never ever come to our house.

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