Brad and Angelina have been married for two years. Brad’s mother Mrs. Jenny also lived with them.

Angelina initially did not like the idea that they should live with Brad’s mother and always argued with her mother-in-law.

Once again, when they were lunching, Mrs. Jenny asked Angelina for a spoon, and instead of giving the spoon, she immediately threw the spoon at Mrs. Jenny.

Mrs. Jenny didn’t say anything to Angelina, she just got up and went to her room without eating anything. After that Mrs. Jenny talked to her son, but didn’t tell what had happened, she simply said that if the woman didn’t want to live with her, she wouldn’t be upset if they went to live apart.

Brad realized that something was wrong and Angelina had hurt his mother, because she wouldn’t have said such a thing to him in another case.

Brad spoke to Angelina and demanded her to respect his mother, who had many health problems. He told Angelina that he would never leave his mother alone and if she wanted, she could leave that house.

Brad said that if she insulted his mother one more time, he should forget about her, because Mrs. Jenny was the woman who gave birth and raised him with years of pain.

All this shocked Angelina, because she understood very well that she could lose her family and the man she loved because of her behavior.

After that day, Angelina started to respect Mrs. Jenny and they started to live happy and with respect to each other.

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