My neighbour’s husband is following me, I noticed a long time ago that he was looking at me differently, but I didn’t care, I knew he was married. I am divorced, I left my husband a few years ago, we didn’t understand each other. I didn’t get married after that, but I have friends, now I’m a young woman, so I won’t sit at home. Especially since I need a man by my side.

Now he probably noticed that there was no one by my side and has started working on. He  stands at the entrance of the building since morning, waiting to see when I  will leave the house. I don’t want to talk too much so that the neighbours don’t notice, but it’s not a bad option, he works well. He can take care of me and his family, I’m still calm.

Yesterday, he saw me at the bus stop, he came and took me, but he didn’t take me home, he said, ”Let’s go, I know a nice place, the sunset is a miracle from there”. Well, I went, whatever, it was on my mind too, then we went to drink coffee in one of the cafes in New Jersey, right there he confessed that he liked me and wanted to communicate.

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