The grandpa of the year award went to an ex-paratrooper and retired GP. Despite his advanced age, William MacLean was able to fulfill a long-held family member’s wish.

Sarah Morson, from Manchester, England, was getting married. However, a veil of grief loomed over the day’s enthusiasm. Her father was not present to witness her marriage to the love of her life.

Morson, like many small girls, pictured her father walking her to the altar on her wedding day. He wasn’t, however. Her father died of cancer 11 years before she was prepared to commit to a lasting relationship.

Fortunately, Morson had another great guy in her life—her grandfather—and she requested him to perform the honors and marry her in 2015.

Morson and MacLean had always had a strong relationship, and the granddaughter remembered her grandfather’s joy when she informed him about her engagement. As a result, she included him in the festivities. She continued, saying that he is her ultimate favorite. They believed it would be a wonderful thing for him to look forward to because he was quite thrilled when they got engaged.

MacLean had lost his wife in 2014 and was ailing, but nothing could stop him from fulfilling his granddaughter’s wish. He would always be there for her.

The stylish granddad arrived to the Holy Trinity Church in Whitfield, Northumberland, after summoning all of his might. He was at Morson’s service, just as he had been at the service of his nation many years ago.

MacLean, who was happy to be a part of the momentous celebration, donned his actual military uniform and all of his decorations. His granddaughter was ecstatic and thankful for his visit.

According to the grandchild, MacLean took his position in the wedding extremely seriously, offering her husband advice and assuring him that she was now his responsibility.

Morson lived far away from her grandfather, but she paid him visits whenever she could. Their time together was usually spent holding hands since he appreciated it, despite the fact that individuals didn’t always like touching the elderly.

MacLean led a brave life, serving during the Normandy landings and with no fear. He wanted to be a pilot, but his colorblindness stopped him from doing so.

He did, though, have a successful military career that he was quite proud of. While his aspirations of flying never came true, MacLean did help make his granddaughter’s dreams come true.

Wonderful pictures of the grandpa with his granddaughter on her wedding day rapidly went viral, collecting countless comments. Netizens were moved by the exhibition of deep familial love.

Celebrities such as comedian John Bishop reshared the uplifting tweet. The internet community lauded MacLean as well.

Regardless of his age, MacLean never let his granddaughter down when she required him the most. Congratulations on stepping up and fulfilling her dad’s footsteps.

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