I am in love with a girl, I love her very much and I had already decided that I wanted to get married. From the first day of our contact, I had a doubt that did not allow me to take clear steps. I knew that my parents, especially mom, would be against our relationship. For my whole life, a real homely, decent girl  my mother searched for me, and if she knew who I was going to connect my life with, she definitely wouldn’t accept it. The girl I love is married and divorced, but it has never bothered me. When we were just communicating, I thought that it was a normal affair and I had no doubt that everything would get so deep.

She is so mature, feminine, with great life experience and positive that I fell more in love with her day by day. How many times I tried to keep myself away from her, I found reasons for an artificial fight, so that she would leave me. But every time everything broke down and against my wishes, it got deeper. That’s why I finally decided that I should tell my parents everything, I decided that if they didn’t understand, I would move back to live separately. I told my mother and father, I told them that I had finally decided to end my life forever and for me that situation had no significance.

But they immediately talked about the opinion of their neighbours and friends. They accuse me of dishonoring their honor. It seems to me that I don’t understand the seriousness of my action and think like them about who should talk or think about our family. I don’t know what decision to make so that I don’t regret it later and it won’t be too late.

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