There is that old true saying “Never judge a book by its cover”, Everyone is different and has his own story, we should not judge others by their appearance or history. Nonetheless, most of us are faced with prejudices all the time.

Sam West, is a middle-aged man who has great passion for dance, he doesn’t care about his age and with his serious moves he proves that everyone can dance no matter the age.

Sam may be older than his dance partner and some of us may think he doesn’t look quite like a dancer — but when he steps on the dance floor, everyone’s jaws drop.

Sam and his beautiful partner Autumn participated in the Grand Nationals Carolina Classic dance competition.

To win this competition and take the first spot, you have to show the best you got to impress the judges. Agility, strength, coordination — and many, many hours of practice are what you need for a good dance routine.

Sam and Autumn were determined in their goal to compete in this challenging competition.

Few moments after starting their routine, the crowd was already impressed.

They nailed every single move from turning, spinning and jumping. People couldn’t take their eyes off this talented couple, they’re amazing!

It only got better as they danced energetically to Jerry Lee Lewis’s ”Pink Cadillac”.

Everyone was dazzled by their dance routine that they won the whole competition!

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