Rajee Narinesingh became widely known as “Cement Face” after undergoing black market plastic surgery in the mid-2000s, performed by the notorious “toxic tush doctor” Oneal Ron Morris.

The trans woman was injected with a mix of substances including cement, superglue, and tire sealant. It hardened under the skin of her face, and several other parts of her body, and in the end, left her deformed.

Narinesingh appeared on the show Botched, where real surgeons helped her fix what Morris had done.

Here’s all you need to know about Rajee Narinesingh and her life – as well as what she looks like today!

Being comfortable in your own skin is the one of the most important things. It doesn’t matter if that means being bigger, skinnier, taller or shorter, bald, covered in hair, or anything else relating to appearance.

Sure, we all have things we’re perhaps not one-hundred percent happy with, but in the end, feeling comfortable and accepted for who you are is crucial in life. The key is to accept yourself, not chase acceptance from others.

While some deal with matters by changing hairstyles, going to the gym, or even having surgery, others feel like change at a more fundamental level is what’s needed.

Sadly, some people are born feeling like they aren’t comfortable in their own body with regards to their gender. This is why gender reassignment surgery exists, and the process is more popular today than ever before.

Once again, we will reiterate that you should always do whatever makes you happy and comfortable. However, we also advise that you see a legit specialist if you’re ever considering surgery – no matter what it’s for. Your body is on the line, so do your research well.

For trans person Rajee Narinesingh, gender reassignment might not have been the first thing on her mind. However, the New York native, born a boy, always felt that she was different. Growing up, she felt that she was a woman in her heart and, as she got older, Rajee decided that she wanted to undergo several plastic surgeries. It turns out that they were costly indeed.

Through desperation, Narinesingh decided to turn to the black market. In 2005, notorious “toxic tush doctor” Oneal Ron Morris proceeded to inject substances including cement and superglue into his patient, which hardened under the skin of her face, breast, hips, and even buttocks.

Narinesingh was horrified and never wanted to again leave her house. She didn’t know who to turn to for help, but fortunatly, not long after, she appeared on the television series Botched, where she got the assistance she needed.

Today, Narinesingh has become an influential spokesperson for many transgender people. Here’s all you need to know about her – and what she looks like today.

Rajee Narinesingh was born on April 7, 1967, in New York.

Early life in New York
She was born male, but even when she was young, she realized that she wasn’t quite like the other boys in her neighborhood and school.

“In those days, we didn’t have computers, so you couldn’t Google, like, ‘what does it feel like when you’re a boy, and you feel like a girl?’ You just relate to what you see in your little community, and so what I really connected to was when I saw gay people, and I saw feminine gay people, and I knew I was feminine, sodice I thought that was me,” Rajee Narinesingh explained.

“Then when I started going to clubs and saw trans people, and I thought, ‘Wow! I think that’s more me.’ So it was a lot of revelation.”

“I thought about all the things I did when I was growing up. Like taking the basketball my dad had bought me. Instead of playing basketball with it, I was simulating pregnancy and actually pretending to give birth and be a mommy,” she said in another 2014 interview.

Narinesingh was raised in Philadelphia. As she grew older, she knew deep inside that she was a woman, so she decided to undergo several plastic surgeries to add fillers. Because they were so expense, she turned to the black market.

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