I have three daughters, all three of them are married, but now that they know that I am ill and my end is near, they have mixed with each other, they are taking me hand in hand to bequeath my house to them, each of them wants to turn out to be a good person.

But since I’m not stupid, like they think and I understand everything very well, I decided this.

I will bequeath my house to a stranger who really needs it. Whoever I will bequeath must have 8 or more children, not have a house, not have a job and have to survive somehow. They should not have a helping hand and somehow earn money for daily bread.

If there is someone who lives in these conditions, tell me, let’s do paperwork right away. I really want to bequeath my house to someone so needy.

This will be a real shock for my girls, but let them not treat them like a shopaholic.

By admin