This morning turned into hell. I woke up like usual and was getting ready to go to work. I saw that it was raining, and called my fiance, I told him to come and take me to work, because I didn’t want to go by bus in this rain and mud. He said that he just woke up, he hadn’t drunk coffee yet, he had to drink coffee, then he should take his mother to the market, and told me to go by bus.

I was terribly hurt and realized that I was in the last place for him. He tells me to go to work on foot in the rain, but he has to take his mother to the market by car. And this is not the first case, he is always inattentive to me, he always turns his head away from me and goes either to his friends or to his parents.

They said ”no one breaks up for something like that”.
And this is in that case when we are still engaged, so what will happen if we get married? We argued very strongly, and I said that I didn’t want to stay with him anymore and that he should come and take his ring back. I see how people treat their fiancees and how they hold them on their hands, but I am nothing for my fiance.

I told my parents that I was returning my sign, they got angry, they said no one btoke up for something like that. But they do not understand that the issue is not the rain and the bus, the issue is the man’s attitude towards the woman.

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