Kate Middleton and Prince William have spent the last few days in Boston, USA, attending several events, including the Earthshot Awards.

During the trip, the couple met several important people – including Caroline Kennedy. But even before they stepped on US soil, the royals were being praised for their decision not to fly private.

William and Kate have taken on many duties after becoming Prince and Princess of Wales after the Queen’s passing. For them, as well as for Charles and Camilla, Queen Consort, it has been a period of significant change. Kate herself is said to have been very stressed and anxious.

Yet now, it seems like she’s also become someone to rely on when trouble arises. According to body language expert Judi James, the Princess of Wales did plenty for her husband and future king, William, during the US trip – especially when he looked agitated. At the same time, though, Kate showed signs that she was under pressure.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are starting to settle into new roles within the Royal Family. When the Queen passed away in September, they became Prince and Princess of Wales, and with those titles came new responsibilities regarding the Crown.

William and Kate recently moved into their new home on the Windsor Castle grounds. Adelaide Cottage now serves as the home for the heir to the throne and his family. He and Kate’s children, Prince George, Prince Louis, and Princess Charlotte, have all started at new schools, too.

Though the two parents visit many places around the United Kingdom, it’s reported that they always come home to their children at night.

This past week, though, William and Kate have been away from their children, on a trip to the US.

The much-anticipated engagement has been in the works for several months. Royal fans may know that William founded the Earthshot Prize in 2020, which then became an independent charity earlier this year. William serves as its president.

The Prince was supposed to attend the September Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit in New York. Sadly, he had to cancel because of the Queen’s sudden passing.

“Protecting the environment was a cause close to my grandmother’s heart. And I know she would have been delighted to hear about this event and the support you’re all giving our Earthshot finalists, the next generation of environmental pioneers,” William said in a recorded message in September.

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Earlier this week, William and Kate arrived in Boston; their first time on US soil since 2014.

But even before they touched down at the airport, the couple seemed to have found themselves a special place in many people’s hearts. When traveling “across the pond” to the US, William and Kate didn’t use a private jet – instead traveling on a commercial flight.

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