I liked a girl, she was very nice, I didn’t hear anything bad from her, we started talking, after a few weeks she said that we were not young and there was no time to play, ”let’s think seriously about what we want to do”. I don’t want to hurry, but I didn’t want to upset her either, and we decided to go meet her parents.

I went and they looked like normal people, I sat down, they greeted me normally, they put coffee for me and we talked like that, one of us started to open the topic of the wedding. I said that I had nothing to worry about and I wanted to be very careful in thatmatter. But as if they didn’t hear me, mom and daughter ”had already chosen a wedding dress”, but it didn’t come out that my girlfriend wasn’t paying attention to what I said, and as soon as I got off the road, a woman approached me outside.

She said, ”dear boy, you look like a normal boy, whose house have you come to?”, I said “what are you talking about, dear, she is my girlfriend”, she said, ”dear boy, what a girlfriend, this girl has been with as many boys as there are in our neighborhood, recently they have been saying that she is pregnant from an unknown man, but that guy left her after he found out who she is, go and ask questions and you will find out, I was really telling the truth”. Who was I going to bring to my house, the very next day I told her bye…successfully

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