Fans are devastated after learning that rising country music star Jake Flint died just hours after his fairytale wedding.

Clif Doyal, the actor’s publicist, told The Oklahoman that the actor died peacefully in his sleep the day after his wedding on Saturday.

Brenda Cline, his former manager, also verified the news on social media, writing: “I must express the tragic news that Jake Flint has passed away due to a horrible accident, and it crushes my heart and fills me with anguish.”

“I attempted to compose a post several times today, but you can’t comment on something you can’t process.”

Brenda, Jake’s wife, also posted recordings and photos from their wedding on Instagram with the message “I don’t understand.”

She went on to explain her understandable anguish in a later statement. “It is not in the human body’s design to sustain such terrible anguish. We’re meant to be going over wedding photos, but instead I’m picking out costumes for my husband to be buried in.”

“My entire being has been destroyed, and all I want is for him to return to me I don’t think I can handle much more of this. I can not do this without him.”

Prayers, sad comments, and condolences came in, with many people urging Jake’s family to remain strong at this trying time.

Jake was supposed to resume where he left off with his tour on December 2nd. What’s your name? and Long Road Back Home were two of his hits and studio albums.

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Jake developed a profound affection for country music after learning that his father had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

It was his father’s hope that it would compensate for his inability to engage in physical activities with his son. He sought clarification from his companion. He asked his friends to teach him a variety of skills.

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