Christmas without your cherished loved one can be very difficult, but Scotty McCreery provides some solace with this unusual approach in his song, “Christmas in Heaven.”

It starts out with describing the typical Christmas scene on earth that has not changed this year, with the exception that a loved one is missing and of course for that family, everything has changed.

Then Scotty transports the audience to what “Christmas in Heaven” could be like. He describes what our loved ones could be doing this time of year. “Are you singing with angles, Silent Night?”

Although the circumstances of the song are surrounded by sorrow, it is clear that the loved one has moved on to enjoy the special season in Heaven.

By reflection, then, those on earth must (in time) begin reconnecting with the traditions of Christmas here on earth. That’s a tall order and a tough one; easier said than done as many of you know.

But Scotty’s song gives us comfort knowing our loved ones are in good Hands and he paints a picture of Heaven that will bring everyone a little solace this season.

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