My mother-in-law interferes so much, no matter what we do my husband and I she will necessarily get involved and mess up our plans. Let’s say it’s not possible that one day my husband will come and say let’s go for a walk in the evening, sit somewhere and that it will be done. She always says something to cancel our plans . One day my husband came and said, let’s go for a walk in the evening, let’s go to the cinema and watch, my mother-in-law said, not today, I’m in the kitchen, you should look at the device, so that I don’t have to do anything tomorrow. And so every time.

I couldn’t stand it once, I asked my husband why this happens every time, it turns out that my husband didn’t even go deep, he didn’t capture the moment. In the morning he said that he will come in the evening and we will go somewhere, I said tell your mother from now on that we have plans. I heard him talking to my mother-in-law while having breakfast in the kitchen. He said, “Mom, dear, we will go out with Karen in the evening, will you prepare something to eat?” My mother-in-law also said, “It’s like you’re going out, dear boy, don’t spend money outside, every time I explain to you again and you see, you still don’t understand. Stay home, people will think I’m disturbing you.Bring whatever you want, I’ll make it out. Do regret the money, collect the money for a difficult day, do what you can, otherwise others will see and think that the money is wasted, you are also going somewhere during the day.” I heard that my husband said that ”others put their heads against the wall, we live for ourselves, not for someone else’s opinion”. I understood that we will finally spend the evening together.

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