The song “Tennessee Whiskey” has been around for a long time.
It’s a George Jones original and has recently been covered by Chris Stapleton.

The song has been making its way around the internet yet again thanks to an incredible cover done by a Texas dad.
Kris Jones’ cover of the country classic may very well be the best version of the song out there.

We can’t stop swaying along to the “Tennessee Whiskey” Dad’s classic sound.

Plus, how cute is it that his daughter was the one to capture this truck concert?
It’s adorable that she was lip-syncing along the whole time.

She’s clearly very proud of her dad! She has good reason to be, too.

Jones’ fanbase has grown so much since this video was uploaded.
Everyone’s loving his voice!

Even Ellen DeGeneres is a fan!
Jones and his daughter, Dayla, appeared on “The Ellen Show” after the video (that was originally intended for Dayla and her friends) reached over a million views.

While there, Jones explained that he had always wanted to be a singer, but life got in the way of his dreams.

Luckily for him (and us!), Jones now has opportunities to follow his dreams.
He even announced that he planned on auditioning for the upcoming season of “The Voice.”

Since blowing up on the Internet with his cover of Tennessee Whiskey, Kris Jones has begun to dedicate more time to a solo music career.

After gaining millions of fans online and appearing on numerous major daytime television shows, Jones has shared a few more wonderful covers on his YouTube channel.

Click the video below to hear his cover of Stand By Me.
Jones’ rendition of this Ben E. King’s classic is particularly stunning.

He adds his own flare and gives it a bluesy-feel.

Much like Tennessee Whiskey, Jones performs the cover while behind the wheel of his car.

Prior to his performance, Jones says:

“Thank you. Y’all don’t really know how much this really means to me. How much it means to my family. Everything that I’ve done in life, I’ve worked so, so hard for. Nothing, nothing was ever given to me. It’s been a really long, hard road and I’m thankful for being where I am today.”

His cover of Keith Urban’s “Blue Ain’t Your Color” has even gotten over 3.6 million views
Click the video below to hear it.

In this cover, Jones teams up with his daughter, Dayla.
To a lot of people’s surprise, she can also sing!

Although this should be expected given Dad’s incredible voice…

Nevertheless, the duo combined for a jaw-dropping duet of Kris Urban’s single.

This cover is unlikely anything you’ve seen or heard from Kris before!

Talent certainly runs in the family.

Jones even released his very first single, “Big Black Truck.”
Make sure you guys familiarize yourselves with the name Kris Jones.

You just might see and hear more of him in the future!

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