Henry Wadsworth Longfellow composed, ‘Music is the general language of mankind.’ That has never been more evident than in this video highlighting an unknown older gentleman and Brendan Kavanagh, also known as ‘Dr. K.’

The older man is playing the piano without anyone else at a train station. He draws some consideration from individuals cruising by, but he’s substance to just play the instrument.

All of a sudden, Brendan Kavanagh shows up and begins sticking with the man. Brendan, also known as ‘Dr. K.’ begins setting out some boogie-woogie piano style with the other man.

Brendan jams on the console while remaining next to the situated gentleman. At last, Brendan plunks down to one side and adds the bassline for the tunes. They played together for north of 5 minutes.

An ever increasing number of individuals stop to pay attention to the noisy, disorderly piano two part harmony in a station. Cellphones are utilized to film the occasion, which currently has a great many perspectives.

Two outsiders meet at a desolate piano and, without saying a word, start playing music in a manner that is like sorcery. In the middle between melodies, Brendan inquires as to whether he knows explicit tunes, and they jam.

This isn’t whenever Brendan first has done this sort of thing. He is all around the web, hopping in while individuals play pianos at train stations and shopping centers. He goes along with anybody he can find to make music and have a good time.

Brendan has a Ph. D. in English, which makes sense of his moniker, ‘Dr. K.’ He is a British piano educator of Irish drop. He loves to play and educate ‘boogie-woogie’ piano style. The class includes weighty ad lib, and Brendan should be visible making up tunes and riffs with the gentleman all through this video.

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