Daniel Rivas, a 17-year-old with Down condition, couldn’t get a date for homecoming until Kylie Fronius requested that he be her date. But that wasn’t anywhere near the finish of the shocks hanging tight for both of them.

Their endearing story spread, and FOX5 Shock Crew needed to make homecoming significantly more unique for them. Monica Jackson of the Unexpected Crew showed up at Kylie’s home before they withdrew for homecoming.

Jackson addressed Kylie, Daniel, and Daniel’s mother. His mother was moved by Kylie’s benevolence since she didn’t see Daniel’s incapacity. As a mother, all she needs is so that individuals might consider Daniel to be another young person.

Kylie and Daniel were shocked with a Rolls Royce, which drove them to a nearby bistro before going to the homecoming scene. They dined with Daniel’s mother, who said he generally needed to take her family to the café but would never bear the cost of it.

When Daniel and Kylie showed up at their homecoming dance, an honorary pathway was carried out for them. They strolled down with their cohorts and instructors, rooting for them.

Jackson got up in front of an audience and told Daniel and Kylie that they were sending them and their families to Disneyland. The shocks weren’t over, and Joined Nissan Proprietor Wear Forman appeared.

Forman gifted Daniel with a $10,000 grant for school, and afterward he drove Kylie outside for her shock. Kylie was frozen when she saw a brand new vehicle sitting tight for her.

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