A funny incident recently happened in the family of Ella Arundell and Russell Mac. The couple has three children, and they have dreamed of a holiday in Majorca. They collected 2,500 pounds for the trip, which is about 206 thousand rubles.

And now imagine that the suitcases are packed, the children are already waiting for the flight. There are only a few days left to wait and board the plane …

But Ella and Russell were careless enough to leave their passports on the table. The next morning it turned out that their dog has a “surprise” for them, he bowed the children’s documents.

The woman was very angry, she did not expect that the long-awaited flight would be postponed.

In the next few days they want to find an emergency solution related to the documents. They collected the remains of the passports and sent them to the airport so that the officers could conduct an examination.

But the remaining sheets of paper from the documents could do nothing.

And soon the family was also upset, it turned out that passports eaten by animals have nothing to do with insurance.

The couple was forced to pay another thousand pounds to the travel agency so that the tickets would not burn completely.

And you know who was very happy with what happened. Bailey, of course! Dog is just happy because her owners will stay at home.

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