Three puppies, similar to panda cubs, were born in a small Chinese village in Jiangsu province. The mother of these cute puppies is a simple mongrel, which caused a special surprise among those around.

Ling Soo, the owner of the dog who gave birth to unusual babies, was amazed that all three puppies have a color, exactly the same as pandas. They do not look like any of their parents. Because not only the mother, but also their father is completely gray and inconspicuous.

Soon, the media found out about the panda pups. And the photos of the baby “pandas” spread all over the Internet all over the world. Ling receives hundreds of offers to buy her pets every day, however, the woman is in no hurry to sell puppies.

– I will not sell them yet, they are still too small. And I don’t want to part with them. They are very cute. Real pandas, especially when you place them next to a bamboo tree, but they don’t eat it! Ling Soo jokes.

Not only ordinary people are interested in puppies, but also experts, who believe that there is every chance to create a new breed of panda-colored dogs.

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