In Kentucky, a series of devastating tornadoes took place, as a result of which hundreds of people were injured. One of them was Stephanie Matheny, whose house was in the midst of the elements, along with four pets.

Stephanie and her husband had fun at the New Year’s corporate party, the venue of which is located about 30 miles away from their home in Mayfield. Four pets were waiting for them there – one dog and three cats. They were on their way back to Mayfield when a friend called them and told them to stay put. Otherwise, the couple risked returning in the midst of a tornado. The couple stopped at the local Walmart to wait. Stephanie recalls that they returned to the “pitch black” city. She saw nothing but bent and broken trees.

The house of the spouses fell off the foundation and moved 50 feet. All the walls had collapsed, and there was furniture and other things around that turned into trash. But this was not the worst of all – their pets were nowhere to be seen. The woman thought she had lost everything. “I can’t have children, so they are my babies,” – shared Stephanie. With the support of Stephanie’s cousin Paul, the couple began a search operation. They turned and dismantled everything around to find their favorites in the ruins. A dog named Lady was found near an infrared heater that was holding back a portion of the wall, the kitchen sink, and the stove.

If it were not for the heater, Lady would not have been saved, it took the whole blow on itself. The four-legged turned out to be lucky, and survived the elements unharmed. In addition to Lady, two cats were also rescued – Meeko and Athena. But the third cat, Dinah, has not yet been found. For the first time, Stephanie with her husband and pets stayed at the hotel. They say they feel happy, even though they will have to start over.

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