Bence was born in 2015, and his parents were got a shocker when a baby was born with head full of ‘Silver’ hair. At first, parents were wary of albinism, a condition that prevents the production of melanin in body but than it was found that the baby wasn’t having albinism.

Every child is different from the others, they are all unique. Everyone who comes into this world is really special, regardless of hair color, skin color or other characteristics. The only thing that is important is the health of the child.

Albinism is a rare disease that can occur in 5 out of 100,000 children. This is a congenital disease that affects the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes of a person.

The child who was born was named Bense, who had no health problems, he was born with a normal baby weighing 5400 grams and 54 centimeters. However, the parents could not understand why their child was born with silver hair, they started worrying about Bence and thought their son was sick.

Albinism is not a serious disease or dangerous, but sometimes teenagers make fun of others when they are different. Children with albinism, as well as other children who differ from the majority, are worthy of education, just like their peers. There should be no barriers to them achieving this.

Bence’s blood was examined by doctors and fortunately, it was found that the baby wasn’t having albinism. Infants usually develop melanin with age. That’s why babies are born with blue eyes and blonde hair. The color of hair and eyes changes dramatically as you grow up. So, in the end, the doctors came to the conclusion that Bence was just an unusual and beautiful child.

Baby Bence fascinated everyone around with his snow-white hair. Although there is no medical explanation for his condition. Doctors believe that with age, a pigment will appear in his hair.

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