Now you will meet Jackie, who just gave birth about 9 months ago. She is in perfect condition after the birth of the baby when you see her grandmother, you will be sure it is just a genetic.

You see young women and their stretched bodies in the video… We are talking about women who feel fantastic in their golden years.

Jackie’s grandmother, Rebecca Lanas, is known as a “ageless miracle.” At 74 years old during the time of this segment, the Florida grandmother has a six-pack. She’s also a certified Zumba instructor and Miss Florida Senior America.

Rebecca stands next to Jackie, her own Itsy-bitsy bikini, inspiring thousands of people around the world to take their body and be more confident.

You can also meet other grandmothers in bikinis, Wendy Ida. Wendy says she weighed 200 pounds in the past, but lost 75 pounds with the diet.

“Now, at 63, I feel absolutely better in a bikini than I did at 33,” she says.

Scroll down to see these women in all their beauty… women who really look half the size.

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This story first appeared in LittleThings in July 2017.

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