The story I will tell today comes from Cuba, but could happen anyplace on the planet. She lets us know that kids are frequently unreasonable, and guardians are liberal. As a general rule, see as far as possible. It will intrigue. Miguel and Paula lived in a little town close to the capital. They have been one family for a long time. The man has been employed for a long time to furrow and handle work at a nearby horticultural ranch. Enormous harvests of beans and corn were developed here.

The life partner remained at home. To help her husband, she was occupied with weaving. They had a concurrence with the store, which happily acknowledged symbols, blossoms and entire paintings available to be purchased. The family lived well by nearby standards and gradually saved cash. Since they were young, they needed to have a family where a few children would run. But, tragically, after the principal birth, the specialists gave Paula a disheartening analysis.

The more they cherished their main son Fidel. He always got all that he needed. His mother attempted to safeguard him from difficult work, and his father never took him to the field. Throughout the long term, the wellbeing of the older started to break down. My significant other frequently had joint pain. To be close to her more regularly, Miguel went home. For his numerous long periods of fair work, the proprietor of the ranch dispensed the elderly person a plot where he could develop anything he desired.

Miguel was extremely blissful. He had two bulls on his homestead, on which he could furrow the field and do planting. Selling horticultural items, he involved piece of the cash for medication and food, the other half was saved. There was no expectation for the son. He never showed up on the field. He said that he had gotten a new line of work as a dispatcher at an extra parts deals organization. He ventured out from home early and came in late.

He grumbled that he was getting drained. But mothers progressively said that he was found in a billiard club, where there were gaming machines. Terrible personalities were continually hanging out there. They even said that they were selling drugs. Paula was extremely apprehensive, but she expressed nothing to her husband, dreading for his wellbeing. She asked her son what he was getting into. But I got vacant reasons. Miguel has completed the following season of item deals.

The elderly folks people joyfully put some more cash in the container, understanding that they would live in harmony until the following season. The elderly person put every one of the functioning instruments in the extension to the house. They purchased roughage for the bulls. As of now, while heading to the billiard club, Fidel was met by loan bosses. They took him out of the town and carried him to a lofty bluff. From that point forward, they were given the option to pick – tomorrow to “coincidentally fall” from this tallness or bring them cash.

Fidel said in alarm that he would bring everything tomorrow at a similar time.At home, he took the way in to the crate from the kitchen. He opened it, took out all the cash that his folks had saved up over numerous long periods of difficult work, and put them in a rucksack. Then he shut the crate and restored the way in to its place. When it got dim, I discreetly went out. The bandits counted the cash, but said they were somewhat short.

Then they “great naturedly advertised” to reimburse the rest of the obligation with farming devices that they had seen from Fidel’s father or his own two bulls. The account holder comprehended that taking creatures would basically kill his father, so he consented to take the apparatuses. He chose to counterfeit the burglary. He broke the lock on the addition and took every one of the apparatuses. The elderly folks people and even their neighbors were stunned. There has never been burglary in their town. Especially to such an extent that everything was taken at once.

On some impulse, Paula took the key and opened the container where they put away the entirety of their reserve funds. It was vacant. The elderly people men acknowledged who took their cash. Maybe nobody could at any point realize who took the costly apparatuses, but destiny chose to have compassion for the elderly individuals people. The criminals carried the taken merchandise available to be purchased to the rural homestead where Miguel worked for a long time. The proprietor of the ranch quickly perceived the apparatuses that he personally once went to purchase along with the foreman. He understood that his old loyal companion’s instruments had been taken.

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