Anna Jones said she was astounded to discover that the house she was bought quite a while back had an extra little house sitting on the property, which was fit to reside in for people remaining under five feet tall.

“We got it in June of 2000,” said Jones, of Brick, New Jersey. “I have a corner property and the house is toward the front. When I previously took a gander at the house I didn’t see it. I know that sounds insane, but I won’t ever do. I don’t think it was in the posting. When I went inside to look, then, at that point, I realize that house had a place with the property.”

Jones told ABC News that the past owners of her home assembled the minimalistic home in the 1960’s as a playhouse for their children, and as their very own reproduction home.

After Jones and her family moved in, they found that a neighborhood news association had done a portion on the house, making it a famous New Jersey fascination that people from to the extent that Israel have dropped by.

“Such countless people began to come and see the house,” she said. “We would host get-togethers and people would stroll up on our property taking pictures, so we were a little anxious of my children going into the house since we weren’t certain of the goals of the people visiting.”

“I don’t have an issue coming to tour, but be aware,” she said. “You can get an image, but when the people come and vandalize the house that make it awful.”

The little house, made of block, is outfitted with running water, power, a little kitchen, front room, chimney, room, washroom and, surprisingly, a downsized shower.

The furniture inside is made smaller than normal to oblige little people or small children.

Presently, Jones said she will offer it to the most noteworthy bidder.

“It began as a joke to sell it since we were having a little monetary trouble,” she said. “We said, ‘How about we simply check whether we could sell the playhouse. People are generally keen on it.’ I posted it on my Facebook and a neighborhood news station did another story. It broadcasted in a magazine and that is when it truly took off.”

“To make a decent proposal on it, exhume it, and take it, it would help us monetarily,” Jones added. “Or on the other hand, to assist with revamping it, that is incredible. It needs some delicate love and care, I can’t stay aware of it.”

The Jones family has had one person and different realtors ask about the little block house up to this point.

Jones said that New Jersey local people are pushing for all her the house, as they feel it remains as a local milestone.

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