An old man at a supermarket was heartbroken when he could not afford pet food for his old dog. He lost hope in humanity after the cashier humiliated him in front of everyone. Then he heard a sweet voice from behind that reassured him of compassion and melted his heart.

Corey Foster, 81, was heading home, tears running down his wrinkled face. He wanted to stay a little longer mourning near his wife Brenda’s grave, but he was thirsty and tired.

“See you tomorrow, darling,” he whispered, placing a rose on her resting place.

Before Brenda’s passing a month ago, Corey thought he had nothing to worry about in life. “What would happen to you after I die?!” Brenda often joked. But old Corey brushed it off, saying that wouldn’t happen.

Sadly, his world shook under his feet after Brenda passed away during her sleep, clutching his hand. The old man became lonely, careless, and confused, with nobody to take care of him. That’s when a God-sent furry companion came into his life…

Corey Foster was crushed after his wife Brenda’s passing.

One afternoon, Corey was crossing the street after buying a water bottle. Tears and sweat gushed his face. He walked slowly because he hated returning to his house. The emptiness that sprawled there after Brenda’s death haunted him.

Whenever Corey returned home after doing some carpentry work, Brenda would wait for him, waving from the doorstep. But now, she was not there to welcome him home. The hollowness she left behind in his heart hurt even more.

Corey was just about to near the end of the street when he noticed a poor old dog lying on the bench on the sidewalk.

Corey found a sick old dog on the street.

The old man stopped and looked at the dog. “Oh my!” he sighed and lifted it.

He splashed some water on the dog’s face and hope sparked in Corey’s heart as he saw the poor animal blink. He tried feeding it water, but the dog was too exhausted and sick.

Corey wanted to go home. He was hungry and tired, but the sight of the poor dog troubled him. Then he spotted a note on the dog’s collar: “To whoever finds him, please take care of him.” The pup’s owners had seemingly abandoned him.

“Come here…come here, boy…come on,” he muttered as he scooped the dying creature in his arms and walked to the vet.

The dog was treated for a couple of days. It turned out that the animal had passed out due to hunger and thirst. Corey stayed with the dog these two days and looked after him. Eventually, he had spent almost his entire savings restoring the dog to health. Although the vet suggested giving the dog to the shelter, Corey refused.

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