This story was told by a lady beauty care products store. When she saw a boy who looked around 12 years of age. He came consistently, plunked down close to the store, and asked passers-by for cash.

Sooner or later it began to rain, the boy got wet and he was obviously beginning to freeze. Then, at that point, this lady called him inside. They gave him hot tea, took care of him, and dried his garments.

The boy said that he lives with his parents, who like to drink, he has a younger sister. Consistently he needed to request cash with the goal that he and his sister would have something to eat.

He said thanks to everybody and returned home, yet returned the following day. He brought 2 apples and a bun. He said that was the main way he could express gratitude toward them. The lady practically cried. She promptly recollected the words: 《He who has less, gives more》And so it is.

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