Making love to your partner every day for a year? It sounds like something a young married couple promises each other, but then forgets about after a short period of time.

But for Brittany Gibbons, a mother of three, it helped her find her way back to loving her body and her husband. Now the 35-year-old mother recommends others to do the same.

It all started right after Britney gave birth to her third child. One day, she looked at the mirror in the shower and thought, “Who let my mom in here?”.

It was a depressing thought, and Brittany decided to do something about it.

Her plan: make love to her husband every day for a year.

Brittany wanted to rediscover her sexuality, rekindle her passion and revive her relationship with her husband. She didn’t feel comfortable in her body after having three children, and she wanted to learn to love herself and her body again.

To do this, she decided to try to make love with her husband, every day – for a whole year.

She decided there would be no exceptions. It doesn’t matter if she’s on her period, and they’ll have to find time alone without the kids. The only thing that will prevent them from making love is only if one of them is sick, or if her husband has to travel for work.

Like many, Britney was unhappy with her body. She explained that before the challenge, she would ‘turn off the lights during the act’, ‘hide her breasts in a petticoat’, and wait for her husband to leave the room before she would ‘get out of the shower’ and into the wardrobe to get dressed. After a few years she began to wonder if her husband even knew what she looked like without clothes.

So she decided to conquer her fear of being naked together with her husband. She started showering with him, and stopped hiding her body. They started making love with the lights on, and she refused to be ashamed of her body.

At first, the new routine felt ‘a bit difficult’. But as the months passed, it stopped feeling like a chore and started to be something that was expected, and eventually became ‘this moment of the day when I felt the most relaxed and calm’.

The couple successfully completed the challenge, and managed to make love every day for a whole year – and after that, they just kept going! Brittany said the couple is happier than ever, and she recommends others try this challenge as well.

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