Our instincts don’t lie, at least most of the time.

If you see anything unusual, you should inform the authority. What if there’s no one around? Would you risk your life to save someone else?

Jada Miller, 12, saved a young girl from an attempted kidnapping. A few kids in her neighborhood were playing outside when Jada noticed something unusual. One of the children, Kylie, 4, was hanging out with an unknown adult.

It wasn’t his parents. Jada jumped into action and ran after the two. Trinity, 13, went to call the girl’s parents. Jada approached Kylie and kidnapped her. She grabbed the little girl and came back with her.

The kidnapper has been identified as 27-year-old Elijah. His legal name is Benjamin Spasogvich Lee and his neighbors consider him suspicious. He practices yoga in his underwear and sparks strange conversations about rape and kidnapping.

Benjamin is charged with kidnapping and disorderly conduct.

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