When this man was told he wasn’t allowed to fish at his favorite spot, he decided to do them one better.
We all have hobbies, but how far would you be willing to go to build your life around them? More than just spending some extra income on his hobby, one man literally built his life around it!

One man in Oklahoma decided to literally build his home around his hobby

Paul Phillips is a contractor in the Skiatook area and has built lots of houses over the years.
While building others’ homes, he realized that he had his own dream home that he had the potential to build – a home that would let him practice his hobby any time of day.

What kind of hobby would inspire a man to do something like this? Fishing.

Paul even has his own favorite lake – Lake Oologah. He would regularly go to his favorite spot on the lake and spend hours doing what he loved the most. Sadly, he was recently told he wasn’t allowed to fish at his spot anymore.

“One of these days I’ll have a place of my own and nobody can tell me I can’t fish there,” he told the local news.

Deciding to act on his conviction, he bought a piece of land, rented a backhoe, and dug a personal pond.

Once he had his own pond, he found a contractor to help him build his home.

The home was about 1,850 square feet and had three bedrooms, bathrooms, and a big living room – with a twist.

The living room had a large hole in the floor that you can open up.

The four-by-four hole was built right by the fireplace so he can drop a fishing line in the pond from the comfort of his own home!

His neighbors were amazed at his dedication.

“The lady next door, she loves to fish and this lady here, she can’t wait ’til spring to get here so she can hear the frogs a hollerin’,” he told the reporters.

The carpenter that Mr. Phillips used admitted that he had never done something quite like this before, but it was a fun project to be a part of! Besides the living room, the back of the home has a deck so he can have friends over and host his own fishing parties.

Paul has big plans for his home.

The challenging project is just a first step for the dedicated man. Eventually, he wants to sell his home so he can upgrade. He imagines a bigger house with a bigger pond, and ultimately, bigger fish!

We can learn a lesson from Paul here!

If you don’t see your dreams in life, build them! Paul certainly acted on his convictions and built a home that he is absolutely in love with. He’s probably in his living room right now with a line in the water!

Since this house was so amazing to begin with, we can’t imagine just how incredible the new one will be. Happy fishing, Paul!

Click the video below to hear Paul’s story and take a look at his house!
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